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Inspire Athletes to Openly Embrace Mental Fitness as a Priority Equal to Physical Health

¹Athlete Mental Health Statistics 2024 by Onrise

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There’s a Mental Fitness Crisis in College Sports. I Know It Firsthand.

“Increasingly, more former and current student-athletes like Harry Miller and Elijah Wade are speaking out about the intersections of mental fitness and their sports. Unfortunately, the recent deaths by suicide of female student-athletes — including Katie Meyer, Sarah Shulze and Lauren Bernett — have raised more urgent questions. Mostly, why? Is the pressure to perform too extreme? Is there insufficient access to mental fitness resources for student-athletes?”

Thomas Cole Left UCLA Football After a Suicide Attempt. He Hopes His Story Helps Others

The biggest thing that I’ve found is asking for help, it’s just being able to reach out to people closest to you,” Thomas said. “People want to help, people want to see you live, people want to see you have the best life you possibly can, and so if you can just reach out and ask them for help, like from your coaches or your teammates or like anyone at the school, it could save your life.”

Sarah Fuller’s Journey from Football Kicker to Mental Fitness Advocate

Another famous goalkeeper who has recently spoken out about mental illness, USWNT legend Briana Scurry, calls Fuller’s advocacy “an inspiration.” She adds: “We are not robots. We don’t just play the sport. We are people playing the sport and we have things that happen to us that we feel with our platform we can shed light on. And she understands that and she’s done a fantastic job with it.”